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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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Vanguard Pickup as a Breakdown Truck

Vanguard Pickup in use as a Breakdown Truck

Philip Gates has sent me this photograph of a breakdown truck on a Vanguard Pickup that he has found. It looks like the Truck itself is in need of some assistance as it has a large trolley jack underneath it. The registration plates (and the architecture) show the photo to be taken in Holland.

I am no Vanguard Pickup expert, I admit,  and it is impossible to see the front of this car. The rear end however appears to be that of a Phase 1, but rear quarterlights have been fitted as per the Phase 2. Or perhaps these extra windows were an option on the Phase 1? I look forward to the flood of emails to put me right.

Phil Homer

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