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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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Standard 7cwt Pickup completed

Mike Wilks wins a first prize on the first time out with his Pickup

Mike Wilks from Alcester in the Midlands, previously the Pre-flying Spares officer, has just completed his latest project,  a rare and pretty looking 7 cwt pickup. He is seen here at Malvern in October, this being the vehicles first time out. 

Dating from 1962, I think this is the youngest Standard I have featured so far on these pages. Mike purchased the vehicle in a fairly rough state and the rebuild has occupied him for the last 9 months or so.

Mike took these photos, during the restoration, you can click on them to see an enlargement:

The sills on the pick-up were pretty non-existent, and as they are different (much shorter) than the saloon, Mike was forced to fabricate his own. The Pennant style front wings  were also particularly rotten, especially at the bottom edges and around the headlights. As even second-hand wings for these are very rare, Mike was forced to weld in repair panels. The "peaks" above the  headlights were missing entirely but Mike ingeniously bent  the conduit of a brake cable to provide a former for the new metal. The pictures show just how successful this tactic proves to be.

The Pickup was purchased without a frame for the tilt cover so Mike copied another frame and made the frame from bent steel rods. The cream tilt cover was farmed out to a trimmer, who was working without sight of the vehicle. As a consequence he was unaware of where the plastic window in the front of the tilt should be positioned. As you can see, when offered up to the vehicle it does not line up with the rear window of the cab, so it needs to be remade to position it lower. Realignment of the rear plastic window is also then required to allow a clear view from the rear view mirror right the way through the tilt! The modification is in hand for the winter but in the meantime Mike has to rely on the wing mirrors for his rear view, or just to take the frame down!

Here are 3 views of the completed Pickup,

So there we have one very smart and rare Pickup. When asked what Standard Mike is going to restore next, Mike is reticent, saying that this is his last. Somehow I doubt it, but in the meantim look out for the Pickup at shows next year.

Report by Phil Homer