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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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Woodie Estate Conversion on the Standard 8!

Standard 8 Woodie by Jennings of Sandbach

My thanks are due to Colin Peak of the Woodie Car Club for another Woodie that I have never seen before:


We do a lot of research into former commercial coachbuilder companies, as they built hundreds of Woodies, most of which have long since been turned into woodworm food. However, we often come across interesting photos.


I came across the attached shot of a Standard 9 Woodie in a pile of Woodie photos from Jennings of Sandbach, looks a nicely proportioned car! 


These gems keep turning up all the time as there were so many small coachbuilders knocking out Woodies in those early post war years that just when you think you've got the big picture some new piece of info or photo turns up. I've seen a couple of photos of Vanguard Woodies, but they were both poor quality and, as yet, I've no idea who built them.


The Woodie Car Club was formed in 2000 for the purpose of sharing information on the restoration and preservation of wooden-bodied shooting brake, estate cars and station wagons. The Club is also actively researching many of the former coachbuilding firms that built Woodies and has been able to share much, otherwise unknown, information with many one make car clubs.


Membership is open to anybody with an interest in Woodies and unlike many one make Clubs, the WCC caters for wide range of vehicles from British, European and American through to classic, phantom and modified Woodies. For more information visit"




Webmaster's comment:

As this is a postwar car, as evidenced by the flat bonnet sides, this estate is based on the "8" as there was no postwar "9". The factory was building its own Woodie at the time, I think it was produced by Mulliners, though I await someone to confirm that.  The principal differences are that this one has a higher roofline and two rear side windows. The rear of this estate also looks interesting - it looks to me like the rear doors open 2/3rds and 1/3rd as the "centre" pillar is not in the centre. That will be an interesting configuration if I am correct, so does anyone have a picture of the rear view?

Many thanks for the input, Colin, and I hope that someone might be able to come up with evidence of another?

Phil Homer, Webmaster