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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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Woodie Estate Conversion on the Standard 8!

Standard 8 Woodie by Whiteacres of Stoke on Trent

My thanks are due to Colin Peak of the Woodie Car Club for the following input:

"When going through the archives of Whitacres of Stoke-on-Trent I came across a shot of Standard 10 Woodie, which the former MD tells me they built for Standard. Apparently Standard liked the design but decided to build the Companion in steel and the rest is history. 


These gems keep turning up all the time as there were so many small coachbuilders knocking out Woodies in those early post war years that just when you think you've got the big picture some new piece of info or photo turns up. I've seen a couple of photos of Vanguard Woodies, but they were both poor quality and, as yet, I've no idea who built them.


The Woodie Car Club was formed in 2000 for the purpose of sharing information on the restoration and preservation of wooden-bodied shooting brake, estate cars and station wagons. The Club is also actively researching many of the former coachbuilding firms that built Woodies and has been able to share much, otherwise unknown, information with many one make car clubs.


Membership is open to anybody with an interest in Woodies and unlike many one make Clubs, the WCC caters for wide range of vehicles from British, European and American through to classic, phantom and modified Woodies. For more information visit"




Hi Colin,

Looking closely at the picture of what you believe is a Standard 10, it is in fact almost certainly an "8" of 803cc. Only early 8's (1953) had sliding windows and trafficators (you can see the slot in the B post)  Hence, this is a very early car and an early conversion, Standard didn't get round to building the Companion until June 1955 by which time it was a 10Hp (948cc) and had wind-up windows and flashing indicators. In fact Standard never built an 8 Companion. The chrome side trim is also  an addition, as are the rear lights (as the originals have been lost in the conversion) All very interesting of course.


Do you know where the shot was taken? It appears to be a Standard Dealer somewhere as there is advertising material in the showroom!

Many thanks for the input

Phil Homer, Webmaster