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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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Standard10 Van Restoration

My story started at the International Rally in 2003. It was to everyone's astonishment that Patrick Brotherton turned up with a pile of rust on a trailer that he called a Standard 10 Van.

To remind ourselves, this is what it looked like:

Rear wheel arch, not much metal round the airgaps

Front nearsde wing, almost perfect!

Most of the engine bay is complete!

more air surrounded by rust

Now, Patrick was confident enough to display the van at the International rally and seemed  relaxed enough about restoring it. Not many people present had that much confidence. So, we all wished him well, and I promised to publish pictures here when it is back on the road. 

Chapter 2

Well it isn't quite on the road yet, but now Patrick has supplied a new set of pictures that show remarkable progress so far:

First, here is the secret weapon -  another car! This time one that is relatively solid! Its going to be used as the under-pinings  of the Van.

Then Patrick cuts off all the saloon panels from the B pillars backwards leaving only the floor and inner rear wings. The Van can be seen waiting patiently behind to take part in the operation .

The van-specific side and roof panels are removed from the Van in one big piece (not captured in a photo)  and are here seen being offered up to the cut-down saloon.

The Van panels are welded to the Donor Car base. Then a new floor is welded in and and  the rear doors are put  back on...............

And the result is a "new" Standard 10 Van!

OK, so that is a much simplified version of the story, since much repairing, patching and strengthening were also required. A  lot of mechanical work remains to be done. But I think you can see the end result is now within sight.

I look forward to Chapter 3!

Chapter 3!

September 2005 Update:

The Van has now been resprayed:

I hope to be able to feature Chapter 4 shortly!

Report by Phil Homer, Photos by Phil Homer and Patrick Brotherton