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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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A Collection of Model Military Standards

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Models of Military Standards

Hi Phil, 

I have attached a few photos of models of typical military Standards. They may help in your November theme.

PHOTO 1. (above)

Typical of the early war years was the requisitioning of civilian vehicles for military use. This often meant converting to more suitable type according to requirements. Shown is typical of a Flying Ten converted to a YMCA Tea Car "Serving HM Forces". This had an opening side for serving and would have dispensed mainly hot tea at sights of training or after a bomb raid when round the clock activity searching for injured people called for regular refreshment. The Flying 12 was built at the factory from existing chassis as officer transport. Shown is a saloon, but some were built as woodie estate versions. Chrome parts were painted over and in this case RAF markings on a drab paint finish were used. Alongside is the Beaverette which was built on the Flying 14 chassis and used by the RAF for airfield defence ( as this one) and by the Home Guard. There were 4 versions. This is Mark 3 with enclosed rear and turret.

You can see a feature on Beaverettes in the Beaverette Virtual Museum

PHOTO 2. (below)

With the introduction of the Vanguard in 1947 the military accepted the Vanguard into all three services in many guises. Shown is the Pick Up in Air Crew livery as used by the RAF with a tilt at the rear. This is a Phase 1a The second Pick Up was a Phase 1 as used in Egypt. It bears Egyptian markings on the rear, and is without a tilt to allow air flow to the items in the rear. The third car is a Phase 2 and is the Commanding Officer's car at RAF Nicosia in Cyprus. It shows the Officer's Pennant on the bonnet. The paintwork is lighter than normally used to help with sun reflection to keep the car cooler. 

The RAF/Navy/Army used Vanguards in Van, Pick Up, Saloon and Estate versions from 1948 to 1957, latterly the Ensign was used in Saloon and Estate types.

Ian Leggett