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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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Flying 14 Ambulance Restoration

Flying 14 Ambulance Restoration

Two of the purposes of the Standard Motor Club are to promote interest in the marque and to save as many of its products as possible. This website is a tool for doing both of these things and if every page I produce results in just one other Standard being saved then that makes my job that much more worthwhile.

One person who is certainly doing his part in preserving Standards is Paul Birchall, who has sent me the above archive photo of a Flying 14 RAF ambulance. This is his latest restoration project and is correctly titled as an Ambulance, Light, 4 x 2 (Standard 14 Hp) It has the 4 cylinder 48Hp engine. 

Early production had the civilian car-type radiator grille. The body is similar to a Morris Y 14 HP. The double hinged tailboard forms a step and there is a canvas curtain at the rear.  It can carry four stretchers. So far as I am aware there isn't another survivor, so that is a challenge to anyone else who has one, just write in and tell me about it, preferably accompanied by photographs, that I can publish here.

Paul hasn't sent any photos of his project yet, but I hope he is keeping a photographic record to show to you as he goes along. When he does I will add those photos to this page.

Paul has also sent me lots more information about Standard's wartime products and I will be adding this to information that I have already collected and publish it all over the next few weeks.  If this wartime era interests you, please come back to see this series of articles soon.

Phil Homer