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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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Military Archives

Military Archives - Ensign Estate in RAF Service

Hi Phil


A ex RAF guy sent me these , says it can go on the SMC Site.


Taken at RAF Goldsborough, a radar Station on the Yorkshire moors.


Note RAF markings (M) == maintenance unit.




Phil Gates

Another view of the Ensign Estate

The inclusion of these photos on the website attracted these comments from the gentleman featured in the photos, and added on April 6th 2009:

Dear Phil,


Just come across my pictures at Goldsborough, Yes that is me and think you have something slightly wrong....We were based at Goldsborough...where picture was taken.. But it was not a radar place that I was concerned with. Bit confusing really but in 1954 their was a Radar station called Goldsborough. a mile from where this picture was taken. This was taken on the domestic site of what was called Goldsborough too and the men marched from this site to the Radar site a mile away.........

Now to update you, This vehicle was M/40 group 5131 Bomb disposal Vehicle allocation and was a staff car at the Goldsborough domestic camp. The bomb diosposal boys were billeted here and went out daily to clear munitions off the Yorkshire moors where FYLINGDALES IS BUILT Nothing to do with the Radar of the 50s a mile away from this camp, as the Goldsborough radar had been closed down in 1960s and Yes that is me standing by the car.

Anymore info Phil let me know 

Geoffrey Powell. 

(EX sac geoffrey pallett at that time change my name for family reasons after leaving RAF . HIdden teeside site and you will see the old goldsborough radar head in the 60s and it too is my photo.. many thanks again geoff)