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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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Avon Memories 

Avon Standard Little12 Memories (Part 2)

In 2006, I published an article about an Avon Little 12 Special Tourer that was photographed in 1949/50. The Author was asking if anyone knew if the car survived. I have now received an email from Holland with additional photographs that confirm that it does!

I recognise the house in the background as Woburn Abbey and the date must be post 1970, when the Mk 3 Cortina next to the Avon was introduced

Hello Phil,

Searching on the very nice website, where I was looking for Standard Avon specials, I found pictures and a story from 1949/50 of a little 12 Beauvais bodied car, with licence nr ALO 292. It is quite a coincidence because I know this car and can tell you it still exists.

It is the car (see attached pictures) that a German fellow bought about 35 years ago and restore it to a very high standard.

In 1977 I came in contact with him because I was in desperate need for information to start the restoration of my own Standard Avon little 12 with the same body. He was so kind to send me all the pictures and other information from his restoration.

Unfortunately the man died about 25 years ago, but the car is still in the basement of his house. I have been in contact with his widow during my 30years restoration, which will be completed this coming spring. As soon as I have assembled all the parts ( they are just back from spraying ) I will send you the full story.

Regards and best wishes for 2009 

Piet Geirnaert, member nr 1101

Apeldoorn  Netherlands.  

You can read the original article on ALO 292 here


Hi Piet,


Thanks for all that information. I will use it to update the original article about the car. It would be great if I could contact the original author, whose neighbour owned the car, but unfortunately I have lost the email address as it was on an old PC. Perhaps he will look in, as you have done, and find the updated article.


What pretty cars these are. I look forward to the story and photos and  of your restoration and the completed car. You must be getting quite excited to be so near to the end of such a long project!


Kind regards,

Phil Homer

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