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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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Feature on a 1931 Avon Standard 9 Sports Coupe

Photo digitally enhanced for brightness

Russ Bees in Iowa, USA describes this car. which he has purchased recently from Canada as a 1931 Standard Avon Special Landau Fixed Head Sport Coupe.

In his own  words: "This info was gathered from the brass plate  on the firewall:  9 HP Mark II Standard Car   Manufactured by    The Standard Motor Co. Ltd,   Coventry       Chassis    Serial No 603       Batch  9    Commission No 106416   Engine No 106164     Clutch No 106416    Gearbox   No 107479   Rear Axle No 22      Front Axle No 36061     Steering No 37053

On the shield above the horn I found these numbers:  104612   28193    137511.  The car currently has a MG midget (1962) engine.  I also have the  original engine (fully restored) which  came with the car.  The previous owner  complained that the car would heat  badly and he had to downshift constantly  with the slightest grade.  There is quite a mix of gauges including 2 of

which are Walford and look to be original (?)  Upholstery is good but a poor color and I'm not sure if the pattern is correct, has 2 inch pleats on seat and back"

Well Russ, at first sight this would appear to be the same as Peter Lee's car which is featured here. However, though the year and the style are identical, it is clear to me now that thiis is a much bigger car. The reason is that yours is based on the Standard Big 9 chassis as identified by the Commission Number, whereas the other is on a Little 9 chassis. The car is overall a scaled up version of the Little 9, note the wider track. You can clearly see the wider front screen and the much larger headlights.

I hope that this information helps and that you will be able to reunite the car with its original engine. Please let us know how you get on.

Phil Homer, Oct 2002