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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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1933 Avon 16 DHC Feature

Feature on a 1933 Avon 16 DHC in India

All photos: Tom Roach 

Tom Roach has written to me from India with news of a very rare, if not unique, Avon bodied Standard. Tom has travelled to Mumbai to photograph the car, and I am very grateful to be able to publish the pictures here. The owner believes it to be a 1935 car, but my belief is, having now seen the photos, that it is a Beauvais designed car and at least a year earlier.   

(Amendment of 12th Jan 2004: I have now compared the under-bonnet shots of this car with the 16Hp Instruction books of the time. I can confirm that this is a 1933 model - The large air-cleaner is not an original fitting - Webmaster)

Tom continues in his own words:

"Phil: The car is a 16HP, based on what the owner told me. The photos are attached.

Here is my short list of what I found wrong with the car. I was not able to start the engine as no battery was available and there was no water in the radiator. I was, however, informed that it had been started in the past 6 months.

As you can see from the photos, the car was converted to 12volts using inappropriate components. The original 6volt parts are, however, still on hand.

The owner wants about 12,500GBP for the car, though I imagine would bargain for less. This is way beyond my capabilities. Considering the amount of work the car requires, I could afford about 1000GBP, max.

As the car is older than 1950, exporting it would require the new owner apply to the Indian Government for permission. This is not as onerous as it sounds, but would require some diplomacy.

If you want to publish the photos, please give me credit. If you want, I will send you copies scanned at a higher resolution than these.

Best wishes,

Tom Roach

Canadian High Commission

New Delhi

Phone: +91 (11) 2379-2137

FAX: +91 (11) 2379-3170

Cell: +91 (98) 1008-1423"

So, the car is for sale, is anyone prepared to take it on? Tyres are available here and I am certain that  the car was 12 volts originally. No doubt Tom will be able to advise you where to find the car! Here are the rest of his photographs:

I am aware that there are other cars and information that could be added to this site to make it more comprehensive, so if you have material and photographs, please let me know.  Please send me, Phil Homer, a message at: Phil Homer