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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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1931 Avon 9 Sports  Feature

Four Avon Sports must be a Collection!

Photo: Joachim Stech 

This circa 1931 Standard Avon 9Hp sports was photographed recently in Germany by our correspondent, Joachim Stech.  On seeing the uncompressed version of this photo, Len Barr writes " Many thanks Phil, for the most interesting picture.  With this radiator shape I can confirm that the car would date from early 1930.  (i.e. shouldered radiator and union flag radiator badge)  It would have been fitted with the 9.9 H.P. engine with magneto ignition as fitted to the Teignmouth models.  Late 1930 and 1931 models would have been fitted with a more plain radiator and a Big Nine type badge.  It would also have been fitted with the big nine type engine with coil ignition.

Without any other details such as an old UK Registration number or better still a commission or engine number I am unable to offer further details."

This photo has prompted me to examine my own archives and I have come up with three similar  models in a selection of colours, namely red, white and blue. I have seen all these cars over recent years, and it would be good to hear where they are now

These cars are based on the Standard 9 with bodies by Avon of Warwick. This White Avon, which appears to have a number of later additions was photographed a few years ago at a Show in Southern England. Do you know where it is now?

Photo : Phil Homer

The same model, again in red, at an indoor show, a number of years ago. Do you know where it is now? Note this has the simplified "Big 9" type badge that Len Describes above Note also that this one has a missing front scuttle

Photo: Phil Homer

This shot shows the attractive boat tail on this model. This blue car  was a regular attendee at Standard Motor Club events until a few years ago, do you know where it is now? Note that there is no provision for a hood!

Photo: Phil Homer

I am aware that there are other cars and information that could be added to this site to make it more comprehensive, so if you have material and photographs, please let me know.  Please send me, Phil Homer, a message at: Phil Homer