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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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Feature on a rare 1932/3 Avon Standard 16 Sports Tourer


Just how many Avon Standard 16's are there in India? I thought that they were extinct, but here is the second one! This one appears to be in good order and certainly road legal.

Deven Dilip Dhariwal writes from India:

She is one of the most well design, beautiful car i have come across in recent time. The lines are impeccable, looks like a far more expensive car and has a style which is all time classic. There are a few things which in my view are not correct like: The doors are hinged in the front, should not they be at the rear ? Are the head lights of correct shape and size? They look odd. The meters in the dash appears to be wrong. The present owner has changed them and says had square meters, are those correct? I request you to kindly put down all that is not correct with her so that i may estimate these as the owner wants UKP 5000. as it is. She has Six Cylinder engine.

Awaiting your valuable reply.

Thanks & Regards

Deven Dilip Dhariwal

Hi Deven,

It is a 1932/33 Avon Standard 16Hp. The only other one I have ever seen is also in India and I featured it on these pages last year. The headlights and sidelights should be chrome plated and the headlights appear to be the wrong shape.  I think that the sidelights are the correct shape.  I am not sure that the dashboard is correct The doors on the other one appear to open the same way as this. Neither car has outside door handles.

You can see the other Indian 16Hp under restoration here

How many more Avons await to be discovered in India?

Phil Homer