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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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1930 Avon in France

Elian Fougere wrote to me recently with photographs of his car:

"I bought recently this car it comes from England can you give me some information on the car. It would be the car personnel of Mr.Jensen cordially

Registration mark :HX 1069  body : N° 98592  3 July 1930 Engine N° :20105"

Two more photos of the car are here,

Yes Elian,

I have featured this car on the Standard Motor Club's website before, so I repeat the article here; The Registrar has also added to it's history below:

Dear Phil,

I now got pictures of the Avon which this man in Perpignan has bought a months ago. It is a Standard Avon 1936/38 1609 cc. He needs a oil filter “Crosland No. 218” Have a nice weekend.

 Regards Werner

Hi Werner , Just back from the Rally,

This appears to be the same car as advertised by a dealer in the UK early this year as a 1931 9Hp. The body is Avon on the Standard Big 9 chassis of 1931. I featured this model last year (click here to view) 

but this is not one of those featured there.

The underbonnet shot shows that the engine has been changed and it indeed does shows a circa 1937 Standard 12 engine. The block and head are identical to my own Flying 12 DHC. It has twin carbs, SU's, which are probably much later, whereas the 12 has a single downdraft carb. You can see the exhaust has been modified to fit.

Did the current owner fit the engine and carbs or did he buy it like that? It probably goes somewhat better than a Big 9!

However, its correct title in my view  is a 1931 Standard Avon Sports 9Hp.

I will find a filter for it. Give me his address?

Kind regards, Phil

The Club's Registrar writes by email:

The earliest record of  HX 1069 on the club's database was in 1984 when it was  was owned by Mr G Markham, address withheld, Garstang,  Preston. The car was described as a 1930  Nine  Avon Special  Two Seater Sports

The next time this car appeared was with Jean Solano,  Perpignan who joined the club as Member  no.  5447  in Jan 2006

Its history prior to 1984 is is unknown.