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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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Standard 20Hp Coupé

This page marks a number of firsts for the Standard Motor Club's website:

Sue Schammer writes by email from Australia:

I am desperately looking for some assistance.  My father has recently passed away and has left my sister and I the above vehicle which is in pristine condition, it has won numerous awards, has a personalised number plate (SC1935) and it took our father 7 years to complete from a rust bucket to the car it is today.


I have attached a copy of the car for you to view and unfortunately my sister and I are not in the position to be able to keep it and would like to sell it.


As far as we can ascertain, it is the only one of ts kind and we have no idea how much to sell it for nor where to start advertising its sale.


Are you able to make any suggestions and also is there a world wide site for the sale of this type of car.


I await your reply.


King regards

Sue Schammer

Hi Sue,


Thanks for your enquiry

I have certainly not seen a 20HP 2 door car before! Do you know any history of the car? It appears to be about 1934


It certainly isn't a factory body so I suspect that the chassis was imported to Aus and a body was added by a local coachbuilder, do you know who?


20Hp cars are so rare that they never come on the market. Therefore I can not make an estimate of its value as there have been no sales that I am aware of. I suggest that you ask for offers and accept whatever you feel is reasonable


I can not advise you what publications are available in Australia, but if you want to try the Internet, then ebay is the most popular, certainly in Europe and USA


I can advertise the car in our magazine and on the website if I have better pictures of the car as it is now. There is no charge for this and it might turn up someone who is prepared to buy it in the UK.


I loook forward to hearing from you again

Kind regards,

Phil Homer


If you would like to discuss this car with Sue, please email the webmaster in the first instance

February 2012