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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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Coachbuilt Standard 8 Tourer

Unique Standard 8 Tourer?

Dear Phil,  About twenty years ago I purchased this extremely interesting Standard Flying 8. Of all places, it was advertised in an Drilling and Pump rig equipment magazine that we got at my work in Anaheim, CA. I had never seen any Standard 8 that looked like this one. It was in Hayward Ca in the north and we had another drilling yard there so I flew up bought it and stashed it there until I could return and tow it home. 

So the story goes like this. The guy I bought it from got it from a man who owned it and brought it here with him from Spain. He said he got it there and was told it was a one off coachbuilt car bodied by a Frenchman named Jean Barrou for some well to do Spaniard to drive and rally. Unfortunately that's it with no more information. A very lovely story with no documentation to back it up. I think that it is some what likely to be true but who knows for sure.

 I never had the time or money to do up this car like I think it deserves. So it has not seen the light of day until yesterday for almost 20 years when I put it into the "Tomb" to keep my other cars, mostly Jowetts, company . 

 I did join the Standard Club briefly just after I got it and I sent a photo then with the #'s and got back that it did go to Spain as a standard saloon.

 I know for a fact that all vehicles imported to Spain just after the war had to be of a commercial nature. Various companies found ways to get cars in either as chassis only or partial bodied vehicles or even by just blanking out the rear windows. 

 I would like to find a good home for my car as I think it is the most beautiful bodied 8 that I have ever seen. It has been hidden away long enough I would like to see it restored and used for people to enjoy and appreciate. If you know of somebody that would be interested in buying it please have them contact me.

Did Standard send chassis's to local or European coachbulders that you are aware of?

If so do any of them still survive? I would like to see some photos if they do.

I hope to hear back from you soon. All the best!

James Miller  

PS * note the factory rev counter with distributor tach drive. Have you ever seen that on an 8 before?

Hi James,

Thanks ever so much for the photos and details of the car. I agree that it is the best looking Standard 8 I have seen, by some margin. The full length front wings/running boards are particularly pleasant as it the tail. This all works, despite the car being so short! What a shame the factory didn't build this

Its a Postwar 8 not a Flying 8 by the way. I am not aware of Jean Barrou but I will do some research.


 Imperia in Belgium did build lefthand drive saloons  from Knockdown kits from the factory but I am not aware that they built tourers. However they were capable of converting Stndards to "Specials" as they built their own Cabriolets on the Vanguard and hard-top TR2s called Francochamps  - so they could have been responsible, earlier, for this conversion. Have you found a builders plate on the scuttle/firewall under the bonnet?


The twin exhausts look promising! Or is it just a Standard 8 engine?


Why do you want to sell this? As a unique car I would have thought it well worthwhile to restore. However if you insist on it I will advertise it in the Club's magazine and on our Website.

Look forward to hearing from you again

Kind regards,


Does anyone know anything about James Barrou?

Another shot of this delightful little 8 Tourer below:


Phil Homer -

February 2012