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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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1932 Standard Special

16Hp Special built on the 1932 Standard chassis

I have featured this car before, part way through the rebuild. Michél Mousett has now turned the unpromising remains of an early 1930's 6 cylinder Standard into this highly desirable Special:

Michél writes from France:

Hi Phil,


Here's story and some photos of my 16hp Standard spéciale.


In the aim of building a 30's spéciale, I was originally looking for a Salmson S4 chassis.

Michél must have had a vision of what could be achieved!

Talking about it with a friend of mine, he told me about a Standard rusty rolling chassis he bought several years ago with the intention of rebuilding it, what he never had time enough to do, and which could be for sale. He didn't know much about it, he thought it was a 3 litres engine and had no idea of its internal condition. When I saw it, despite some surface rust, it seemed to be very sound and having had a beginning of restoration many years ago.

So my wife agreed with me this could be a very sensible base for my project, so the very nice Salmson DOHC four cylinder would be replaced by a less cammy, yet bigger and very attractive too, Standard six.

The body frame and some of the panels laid out

When at home, in August 2005, disassembling it confirmed a very sound overall condition, the engine had only been rebored and 1st oversize pistons fitted with only very little wear. 

The major mechanical problem I had to face with was about the crank: during the years of inactivity, dampness had reached and lightly rusted some of its journals, so I had to get it reground and new white métal bearings made.

I suppressed the original Solex carburettor on the right hand side of engine and modified the block to receive a pair of 1"1/2 SU's near the valves on left hand side. The ports were widened and polished the best I could, valve seats enlarged and guides shortened as well as head machined to increase CR to 8 to1

Clutch, gearbox and rear end have only been disassembled, cleaned, checked, painted, reassembled with some new bearings and adjusted.

I draw the new body, shortened the front grille by 30cm, moved back and down the radiator and had it shortened and compensated with thickened cooling élément. I repositionned the engine and gearbox lower and 33cm back and lowered back suspension by shortening the rear crossmember, squeezing the back of the main rails and securing the front end of rear springs higher and aside from the main rails. I then made the rear body structure with 12/17 steel tube, pannelled the floors and feet boxes, made the exhaust. I then took it with the drawings to a panel beater to have the rest of the body made. Then, painting, wiring, finishing and final reassembling made me busy for about a year before it passes the technical control (MOT equivalent).

The parts come together

Now, it is on the road since two weeks and has covered about 200km.

The cylinder head which certainly had been frozen formerly had been welded and was not completely waterproof, so I tried a sealant (Woderweld) which seems to be efficient till now.

Just the paintwork remaining to be done

I believe most of the unavoidable little adjustments are now nearly OK and we enjoy a lot using this car, though we didn't try it under the rain yet...


I must finally warmly thank the club committee members who gently helped me with advice and providing spares, as well as enthusiasts Peter Lee and Mark Spridell whose kind information and large knowledge of these cars were of great help to me.

Michél Mousett, 

March 2009

Hi Michél,

I am absolutely knocked out by your achievements, of which you should be justifiably proud. What a head-turner! I think anyone that has restored a car will get an idea from your photographs of the thousands of hours you have dedicated to this project. I hope you enjoy driving it for many years to come and hope to visit you to see the car, if you can't make it to the UK.

Thanks for sharing your car with us.