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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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1933 Holden Standard 9Hp Feature Page

Holden bodied Standard 9Hp Restoration in Australia

Front view of the Holden Saloon

Hi Phil,

My name is Alan Hobson and I live in Perth Western Australia and would like to share a few photos of our nearly finished Holden bodied 9. It has been a total restoration, woodwork, engine, chassis etc.Thought you might like to show these pics on your web site and for more info you can always get back in touch. I only know of a few in Australia but am not to sure about the Holden bodied Standard,

Best regards

Alan Hobson

Hi Alan,


Thanks for the fantastic pictures and congratulations on a super restoration. This is the first time anyone has sent me details of a Holden bodied Standard, so if you know anything more about the company, and what other Standard models they bodied, I  would be very grateful to hear about it,  and add it to the website. Your photos will appear there soon.


The bodywork doesn't seem to have any Standard components except the radiator shell so I guess all the rest is Holden pressings. OK, so it never rains in Aus, I guess, but how do the windscreen wiper(s) work?  Is the instrument panel as you found it? Can you get away with the rear lights as they are?  Do you have any pictures during the restoration?



Phil Homer

On closer inspection, I think that all the wings are Standard too!

Hi Phil,    I will get back to you in the near future with more info on the Standard and some more pics of the answer to your questions.........firstly i am still sourcing a windscreen motor , but the wire will do for our current  !!!!!!!!!!!! weather patterns, if you know what i mean...............the instrument panel is all Standard gauges and the same configeration as original......and the lights are one stop and one rear/number plate..........the indicators are an add on as this vehicle never came with any at time of manufacture.......I will be interested on the feedback as the Holden bodies were fitted to numerous brands American and British ( of which I have 1933 Morris Minor 4 door Tourer...fully restored) but they are as rare as hens teeth now especially the Standard...........and I tried to keep the restoration as original as possible. The Holden badge of the Lion is always located on the left lower scuttle I will send you a pic with the rest........ 


 my regards Alan Hobson................                

If anyone knows more about Holden-bodied Standards, please send me an email, or tell us about it on the Club messageboard

Here are some thumbprints of more pictures of Alan's car,