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Steph Hoy – Introducing Our Guest at the Standard International Rally 2024

Many of you might already know Steph Hoy.

Steph introduces a 1950s Standard 10

Steph is the aimiable host of the Youtube Channel “I Drive a Classic”.

She drives all over the country to meet Classic Car owners and to feature their cars on her Youtube Channel.

As I write, she has already created over 250 videos - and the number is growing every day.

She starts each video by introducing the cars in their historical context and walks around them highlighting their features. We then accompany Steph as she test drives the cars and reviews their performance on camera.

A number of Members have already lent their Standards to feature on the channel, with Steph’s commentary. She considers them worthy and underappreciated and tries to promote their doubtless abilities.

Steph will be our guest for the Weekend on 14th – 16th June at the Norton Park Hotel, near Winchester.

On Saturday evening she will make a short presentation about her life as a Video Influencer and the cars she has driven.

On Sunday afternoon, she will present the prizes at our informal Concours.

All our Standard owners welcome Steph and her partner to our Show for what will be an exciting weekend.


Don’t be shy – why not tell us the story behind YOUR Standard and include some Photos? Please fill in this form HERE.

The feature will be preserved here forever.

Phil Homer


Standard Motor Club



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