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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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Production Figures

Gerard Wilson has kindly sent us this spread sheet of Standard production figures that he has compiled from data on our site and other sources, it makes interesting reading.

Hi Richard,

I have attached to this table a table of Standard production from the 1939 fiscal year to 1963, drawing upon the commission numbers which appear on the Club's website and perhaps nowhere else. An acknowledgement to the Club is given in the sources. This table will be available gratis to anyone requesting it through my not quite published site when it is fully published.

My interest is North American production, but I have compiled some British tables when the data is available and reliable. The Standard and Triumph data is in that category, even if the prewar Standard is incomplete and wartime non existent.

Any comments or criticisms are welcome. Gerard Wilson

hi Gerald,

Thanks for this, good work. Can we use the information?

I could not find any figures for the 50's Standard 8 or 10 but I may have missed them.

Are your production figures obtained by taking the first commission number from the last? If so can we be certain that all the commission numbers were issued?

Thanks and regards,


Click here to view Gerard’s spreadsheet

Hi Gerard,

Many thanks for sending the spreadsheet of production figures, it makes very interesting reading and must have taken you a large amount of work to compile it.

I have added it to the website for people to see, it will appear in tonight’s update of the site.

Once again thank you for sending it to us and for putting in all the hard work to compile the data.




Thank you for the posting. Whatever I was able to do was based on the work of club members who compiled the commission numbers and posted them to the site long ago. Unfortunate that almost all prewar Standard production and all wartime production data has apparently been lost.


I would be pleased to hear from any members or site visitors who are interested in the subject, or who perhaps have supplemental information.   GW