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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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Mike Girdwood’s 1948 Standard 14

Mike has sent this information on his restoration, hopefully Mike will send us some pictures in due course to show us the work he has done. (Update 1st July 2013 Mike has sent us the pictures at the bottom of this page).

Hi I’m Mike and this is my 1948 14, I am in the process of rebuilding it as much as possible ...

have serviced and repaired the underside including welding interior and underside of the car, took out the fuel tank striped it. sealed it and coated it in underseal and refitted. The car did not start properly when i got it ,, it does now ...

ignition works, brakes stripped and replaced with new shoes etc. underside has been stripped and de-rusted and I have re-undersealed the under side all areas have been serviced /greased and the engine itself has had a service oil change etc and rad flushed.

Now it has been sent to its new temporary home for the next few weeks , after which I’m hoping it will come back home and i will be shocked (i hope nicely ), my plan for the car now is a full respray which is where it is as off today 10/5/2013 and i hope 3 or so weeks it will look totally cool, I have given the garage a totally free hand in choosing how to paint it , i have given the owner my wishes and also my childhood dreams on colours and tints etc etc ,,,

but i have instructed the garage to choose something either in keeping with the cars age and stature or go for something totally to suit my childhood dreams ... which would probably not do the car any favours ( but I would probably love it ) I will just have to wait and see what colour and style it is when it is ready ..

Update 8th July 2013 almost ready for top coat colours and then clear coat  should be finished this week i hope then its home to rebuild it and do other wee bits n bobs.

Update 21st July 2013 well its been almost a year and im relieved to say the paintwork for most part is done, the wheels are next black wheels with white hub caps, hoping to get the windows in over the next day or 2 as the weather is fantastic up here in sunny scotland, then the long and laborious work on interior,roof lining seats door cards carpets and the list will go on and on, it has been interesting thus far and not as quick as I had hoped , then i should learn never plan a build on a timescale  it will be done when its done, but im looking forward to having it on the road and being proud to be the owner, I hope it will be seen in future at the scottish standard group meetings now and then.

Update 27th July 2013 well its finely here, the day the car exterior is complete, last job is sourcing windscreen wipers, started the interior, de-rusting minor rust on doors and stripped roof lining, (was fun last night, woke this morning with floods of rain inside the car) had to remove the window trims to remove cloth, left it overnight to paint window trims today .. oops . all painted and waiting drying, next jobs new roof lining and window seals back in, then starting the doorcards after I get back from Horse Back UK so this will probably be my last post on here until I complete the interior. u will be relieved.