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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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Standard Vanguard in a Train Crash

Soenke Gaethke has sent these pictures from Germany of an advertising stunt.


I like Standard cars and your side, think you're doing a nice job.

Recently I found a couple of pics from a movie which was shot in 1959 near to Hamburg - the movie wanted to show how dangerous rail crossings are, and (unfortunately) they choose a 1950 Vanguard as a kind of victim.

The first picture shows the engine (a class 50 steam engine, a freight loco) hitting the Vanguard, and the other one showing a dummy / puppet siting behind the steering wheel, just before the trains hits the Vanguard.

If you zoom the picture, you could guess that the car carries a HH- registration number plate, which would suggest, that its last owner lived in Hamburg. It could be one of those 405 cars which had been imported to Germany in 1950.

So at least the fate of one of them is rather clear...

Hope you like the pics.

All the best

Soenke Gaethke

For recording the documentary film "death traps" the clash between train and car was staged.

A hot iron summed up a hamburger film company with this movie, the relentless recording had allegedly inadequate protection of level crossings in 1959 on the subject. The following picture Asked shows the scene immediately before the collision. Seconds later, was the Standard Vanguard just a pile of junk. Klaus photo collection Wedde