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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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Vanguard I and II spares have moved!

As has been previously reported, the spares from the Vanguard I and II Club have been purchased by the SMC because the Vanguard Club has now ceased operating. So we needed to make arrangements to collect the spare parts. This has now been done.

The project was a marathon one! Phil and I drove a hired transit to Lydd in Kent, Peter and Nick Foster also drove a transit from Lincolnshire, and Ian Burt brought his trailer from Chatham. A crack of dawn start was needed for all and we arrived by 9.30 to be greeted by Roger Jones who offered a welcome cuppa. Then came the task of loading the two transits, up to the gunnels! There was an engine, axles, half shafts, bumpers, glass, door panels, bonnets, chrome strips, and much more. Ian took the non-Vanguard parts.

By 11.30 we were on the road again in convoy for the long drive up to Lincolnshire, with a brief stop to grab refreshments and refuel our trusty vans, and Ian returned home to Chatham.

Adrenaline keeping us going until we arrived at Peter Foster’s home.  Club member Carl Burge and our membership secretary Conan Lewis joined us, to help unload the vans, with the parts being divided between two lock up garages, both of which are now completely full up! Getting the engine off the van was a challenge solved by sheer strength as Nick and Carl lifted it off!

The vans needed a good sweep out and we needed coffee! Then Peter returned his van and Phil and I set off home to St Albans, arriving at 9.00pm. What a long day! 400 miles round trip.

Many thanks to Phil Homer for project managing everything and to all the club volunteers who made this transfer of these spares go so well. Peter has now got the job of sorting the spares and making them available to our club members shortly.

Lynda Homer