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Mortlock Brothers Flying Standard

Nigel Stewart writes from Port Augusta, Australia.

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My little 1947 Flying Standard was assembled by Mortlock Brothers in Perth, WA.

I am unsure whether it was a fully knocked down kit or if sometimes, stray bits and pieces were used.

It was bought by two sisters in Perth who owned for many years.

It was then used by some apprentices and then bought by a vehicle restorer that owned it for a further 10 years.

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Above: A Club library picture of Flying Standards being assembled in the Mortlock Brothers factory.

The next owner bought it, then transferred it to Port Augusta and owned it again for another 10 years.

I have taken over its care for the last 18 months. It started and ran but not well.

A friend who is an auto-electrician has renewed wiring, re- fused the car and it now starts easily.

Originally green in colour, it is now black.

I recently joined a car club rally up through hills and teh car ran well. A round-trip of probably 50 kilometers.

12dhc (1).jpg
12dhc (1).jpg
12dhc (1).jpg
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