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The name of the Club shall be the "Standard Motor Club", hereinafter referred to as "The Club".


2. Constitution:

The affairs of the Club shall be conducted in accordance with these rules, and the rules and regulations of the RAC insofar as the latter are not inconsistent with the rules hereinafter set out which shall in the event of any such inconsistency prevail.


3. Objectives:

a) To further interests in the ownership, running and history of Standard cars.

b) To provide the Members with information and advice and assistance, on matters

connected with Standard cars.

c) To acquire and make available to Members spare parts for Standard cars.

d) To encourage a social atmosphere for the well-being of the Club and its Members.


4. Management and Committee:


4.1 Committee Roles

The Committee shall be responsible for the management of the Club, and shall consist of the following Officers as a minimum





Membership Secretary


Publicity Officer


Regalia Officer

The committee shall at its discretion create other committee posts as it requires for the beneficial running of the club


4.2 Committee Elections:

All of the committee shall be elected at the Club's Annual General Meeting. In

the absence of a successful nomination to replace him, each Officer shall remain in office for three years from the date of his appointment. At the end of that period, he must stand down, but may be formally re- elected through the proper process laid down in these rules. Nomination forms in respect of the appointment of these Officers will be published annually in the Club Magazine for the month prior to the Annual General Meeting, and must contain the signatures of two Members as proposer and seconder together with that of the nominee, who thereby gives his consent to the nomination.

The Committee may at its discretion co-opt Members for specific purposes, to fill short-term vacancies, and change the roles of Officers until the next Annual

General Meeting, when these appointments or changes must be determined or ratified as above.


4.3 Spares Officers:

The Committee shall appoint at its discretion a number of Spares Officers for

each of the categories of vehicles. The Spares Officers need not be members of the Committee but shall be responsible to and report to the Committee and follow such guidelines for spares officers as shall from time to time be issued by the Committee.


4.4 Expenses:

It is hereby declared that the Committee and Spares Officers of the Club are volunteers but the Committee may in its absolute discretion authorise the reimbursement of receipted expenses of such Committee members, Spares Officer or member of the Club as it shall deem appropriate.


5. Meetings of the Committee:

The Secretary, either of his or her own accord or by the discretion of the Chairman shall, unless otherwise agreed by all the Committee, give at least seven days written notice of a meeting, and there shall be not less than four meetings per annum. Meetings can be face-to-face or conducted by Audio-conferencing.


6. Absence from Committee:

Any member of the Committee who shall without sufficient reason absent themself from three consecutive Committee meetings may be called upon to resign his position from the Committee.


7. Duties of the Secretary:

It shall be the duty of the Secretary to attend in person or by deputy all meetings of the Club and all meetings of the Committee, and to take Minutes of the proceedings. Such Minutes shall be entered in a book and presented for confirmation at the following meeting.


8. Banking:

a) The Club shall maintain such Bank accounts in the name of the Club as the Committee shall from time to time deem appropriate.

b) The signatories thereof shall be such Committee members or Spares Officers of the Club as the Committee shall from time to time authorise so to act.

c) All monies of the Club shall be banked by the Treasurer or such other Committee members or Spares Officers as shall by the Committee from time to time be authorised in the name of the Club, and no disbursements shall be made from the Club's bank accounts except as authorised by the Committee.

d) No bank account of the Club shall be permitted to become overdrawn save with the express authority of the Committee and the Club's bankers.


9. Types of Membership:

a) Full Member. On payment of a full subscription, a member shall be entitled to the full benefits of membership.

b) Associate Member. This category of membership is available to one other person residing at the same address as a full member. An Associate Member shall be entitled to all benefits of the Club, including voting rights, excepting a personal copy of the Club Magazine. Associate membership is not available separately. Full and associate members are herein after referred to as "Members".


10. Election of Members:

a) Application for membership shall be on the membership application form and presented to the Committee for approval. The Committee may, without recourse to the applicant, reject any application by any person whose membership would in their opinion be detrimental to the running of the Club.

b) Membership of the Club is open to all interested persons over seventeen years of age. Applicants for membership under the age of eighteen shall have the written consent of their parent or guardian.

c) Membership of any other club or organisation shall not entitle an applicant to affiliated membership, honorary or otherwise, either free or at a reduced rate.

d) Any candidate for membership of the Club whose subscription has been accepted by the Membership Secretary shall become a provisional member of the Club. Provisional membership of any candidate shall only hold good until the meeting of the Committee next after payment of the subscription of such candidate.


11. Voting at Committee Meetings:

Each Member present at a meeting of the Committee shall be entitled to exercise one vote. The Chairman shall not vote except in the exercise of a casting vote. The Committee shall vote by ballot if any member present so demands. A vote of one-third against any application for membership shall be sufficient for the rejection thereof. No collective voting shall be allowed, nor shall any proxy voting be accepted, either individually or collectively.


12. Subscriptions and Joining Fee:

The annual subscription shall be fixed by the Committee and shall be due from each Member on the date of joining and annually thereafter New Members and Members re-joining after a lapse in membership will be due to pay a joining fee to be fixed by the Committee. Any Member whose subscription has not been paid three months after it becomes due shall, at the discretion of the Committee, cease to be entitled to the benefits of the Club and its membership until the subscription has been paid.


13. Resignation:

Any Member wishing to resign his or her membership shall give notice in writing of such desire to the Secretary, on or before the date on which the subscription would have become due for renewal in any year, otherwise the Member shall become liable to pay the subscription for the ensuing year. Also any Member ceasing, voluntarily or otherwise, to be a Member of the Club shall thereafter cease to have any claim upon the property of the Club or to enjoy any of the privileges of membership, but he or she shall remain liable for the payment of any debts due to the Club from him or her.


14. Use of the Club Name:

The name and address of the Club shall not be given by a Member as his address for any trade, advertising or business purpose, or in connection with any legal proceedings.


15. Honorary Members:

The Committee may elect as an Honorary Member any person who has promoted interest in the Club, the cars which it represents or the name thereof, or is deemed by the Committee to have been made eligible by other actions.


16. Expulsion of Members:

It shall be the duty of the Committee if at any time they shall be of the opinion that the interests of the Club so require, by letter to invite any Member to withdraw from the Club within the time specified in such letter and in default of such withdrawal to submit the question of his expulsion to a meeting of the Committee to be held within six weeks after the date of such letter. Members of the Committee shall be given at least seven days’ notice that a question of withdrawal or expulsion is to be discussed at a meeting of the Committee. The Member whose expulsion is under consideration shall be given at least seven days’ notice of such a meeting and shall be allowed to offer an explanation of his conduct verbally, or in writing, but if two- thirds of the Members of the committee present shall then vote for his expulsion, he shall thereupon cease to be a Member of the Club.


17. The Annual General Meeting:

The Club shall hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) once in every calendar year upon a date and time fixed by the Committee. The AGM shall;

a) Receive from the Committee a full statement of accounts duly audited, showing the receipts and expenditure for the year ending the 31st of December.

b) Conduct Elections of Committee members

c) Deal with any other business including reports and resolutions.


18. Special General Meeting:

A Special General Meeting may be convened at the request of any twelve Members, who should make such request of the Committee or the Secretary, stating the business for which the meeting is required. If the meeting is not convened by the Secretary within twenty-one days, the said twelve Members can convene it themselves. Thirteen Members shall form a quorum. At least twenty-one days’ notice of all general meetings (whether Annual or Special), shall be given, but the non-receipt of such notice by any Member shall not invalidate the proceedings.


19. Agenda:

When Members wish a matter to be discussed at a General Meeting, the text of such matters signed by at least two Members shall be sent to the Secretary at least fourteen days before the date of such a meeting so that it may be included in the Agenda. A copy of the Agenda will be held by each Committee Member, and be available for inspection at least five days prior to such meeting. Should a proposer of any motion fail to move a resolution in respect of any item on the Agenda, then any other Member shall be entitled to do so.


20. Attendance and Voting:

a) Only persons duly elected as Members of the Club who have paid their subscriptions according to the rules may take part in any meeting.

b) Each Member shall be entitled to one vote at each meeting.

c) A two-thirds majority will be necessary to carry a resolution to alter, add to, or delete an item from the rules of the Club. A simple majority will be required for all other propositions.


21. Rules:

Every Member binds himself by the rules of the Club including modifications, and

accepts as final and binding the decision of the Committee in all matters, apart from those which are otherwise properly decided at a General Meeting.


22. Liability:

It shall be a rule conditional on joining the Club or attending as a guest at a Club event that neither the Club nor any Committee member or officer thereof shall be responsible in any way for injury or damage to persons so joining the Club or such guests howsoever caused whilst partaking in any activity of the Club.


23. Equipment:

The Club shall acquire and maintain any equipment for use at meetings and events. Such equipment shall be kept by a responsible Member who shall take sensible precautions for its safe- keeping. A register of the Club Equipment and its whereabouts is to be maintained by the Committee. No item shall be disposed of without the consent of the Committee.


24. Insurance:

The Club shall maintain such policies of insurance as the Committee shall in its

absolute discretion deems appropriate and in particular in respect of the assets of the Club, public liability and product liability


Issue 19/04/2015






The Articles of Association of the Standard Motor Company can be seen here


Company Information

"The Standard Motor Company Ltd, trading as the Standard Motor Club"


is a Company limited by Guarantee, registered in England and Wales,


Registered Number: 07817480


VAT Number 153 1697 08.


The Registered address of the Company is:      



Woodlands Grange

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Club Rules