Discover your car's build record

The Club's Representative, David Groom has the Factory build records for all Standards and Triumphs built from 24th June 1949 to 28th February 1961. For cars built before May 1954, he can supply a Certificate detailing: Commission Number, Type, Engine Number, Build Date, Body Shell Number, Tyre Size, Trim Colour & Type, Body Colour, Delivery Specification and Other Specification and Equipment.

For cars built after May 1954 but before 28th Feb 1961, engine numbers are not recorded but additional data is provided including, in some instances, delivery destination and options.

You have three choices:

1. You can order a certificate online, to be delivered as a .pdf File attachment. Please visit our webshop here:

2. Send your Commission Number and Registration, include a stout A4 SAE with a 2nd class 'Large' stamp and a cheque for £16 payable to David Groom to: David Groom, 10 Queensway, Old Dalby, Melton Mowbray, Leics LE14 3QH.

After about two weeks you will receive an A4 size build certificate. If you send a smaller sae, the certificate will need to be folded. .

3. Pay via Paypal Send your Commission Number and Registration, together with your name and address and a payment of £19.20 via Paypal to

After about 2 weeks he will post to you an A4 size Build Certificate.

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