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Contact Us

Here are the ways you can contact The Standard Motor Club 

* If you have a query with parts or orders from our web shop - please email us here:

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* If you wish to place a Classified advert see the page here:

If you have any other query, there are several ways to contact us:

1. We have an active Club forum where other owners can answer your questions.  Visit here:

2. You may also contact us directly at this email.

3. You can use the form below as a contact point.

We will endeavour to reply a soon as possible, but please remember, all our committee members are volunteers.



We have a Facebook presence, but this is not directly managed by the Club - see here:

Thank you.

This form does not download, please put your cursor over each field, type to fill in each field, then do the Captcha security panel.

The form has selection options which will direct your message to the best person to deal with the enquiry.


If you wish to contact us with regard to stories, articles of interest or something more specific, then please use the selection of forms across the site or linked by shortcuts in the information panel lower down.   


Only press SUBMIT once and wait for the success message.

You will also receive a confirmation email to the address provided.

Thank you.

Form Selection

We have other forms across the site specifically designed to request/record certain information and these can be found off these links:


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