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Buyer's Guides - by model

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Edwardian & Vintage Standards

Standard Vintage Nine 1927 - 1930

Flying Standards Pre & Post-War versions

Flying 8

Vanguards I, II, III & Ensigns

Vanguard I and II

Standard 8s, 10s & Pennants of the 1950s

Flying 12

Vanguard 3

Standard 8 and 10

We don't have any Buyer's guides for the following sections, but if you would like to author one for your model please call Phil Homer on

01727 868405 or for guidance.

Post-Vintage Standards


Military Vehicles & Aeroplanes

Coach Built & Built from Standard Parts

DVLA Liaison

DVLA Liaison

The Club has a nominated representative who is formally recognised by the DVLA


The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency is the body responsible for managing Vehicle Registration matters in the UK. Their records have been computerised since 1983, and this can cause issues if the vehicle that you have purchased as a "barn find" has not been on the road recently. If it is not in their database, it doesn't formally exist!


The Club's representative works with the DVLA in these instances. You should contact him to obtain the forms required by the DVLA to register your car, he will guide you to filling them in and they should be returned via the club for endorsement. The DVLA will then usually take the car onto their computer, approve the registration and allow the car to be taxed. This description is the simplest manner in which the process can be achieved, but the club will help if there are any complications.


The rep has access to the Club's records and can usually help find documentary evidence to support the existence of your car and it’s registration number. He can also help with other registration difficulties.


There is a small charge for the basic service but the representative will also need to charge expenses, if, for example, travelling is required to inspect a vehicle or other expenses are incurred.


The Club’s representative is David Groom who can be contacted by email at

and by telephone on 01664 823047. Please be sure only to call him at sensible times.

If you are a Club member - you can gain additional information by logging into the CLUB AREA here:

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