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What's a Standard.pdf

The benefits of joining the Standard Motor Club.pdf

General Information Sheet for a handout.pdf

GDPR Policy.pdf

Articles of the Standard Motor Company Ltd pdf

Distribtor fitting instructions +positive earth pdf

Distributor fitting instructions -negative earth pdf

1950s Standard 8 and 10 Distribtor fitting instructions +positive earth pdf

Are you looking to buy a Standard?  - See our Buyer's Guides

Edwardian & Vintage Standards

Standard Vintage Nine 1927 - 1930

Flying Standards Pre & Post-War versions

Flying 8

Flying 12

Vanguards I, II, III & Ensigns

Vanguard I and II

Vanguard 3

Standard 8s, 10s & Pennants of the 1950s

Standard 8 and 10

We don't have any Buyer's guides for the following sections, but if you would like to author one for your model please call Phil Homer on

01727 868405 or for guidance.

Post-Vintage Standards


Military Vehicles & Aeroplanes

Coach Built & Built from Standard Parts

If you are a Club member - you can gain additional information by logging into the CLUB AREA here:

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