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Classified Advertising


Change of Policy

To see Classified advertising, it is now necessary to go to the “Members Area” and log in.

Why do I need to Log in?

Since this section was launched there have been instances of potential scamming of our members by thieves purporting to have spares that satisfy requests in our “Spares wanted” area. There is a risk that members may be enticed to forward payment for promised items that do not exist.

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We have therefore moved all classified advertising into our “Members Area”. So you can now only peruse the Classifieds facility if you log into the Members Area, thus proving you are a member, and therefore who you are. Non-members can still post appropriate adverts using the form below.

Whilst this limits the audience for classified adverts, it ensures that our valued members are less likely to receive scam emails.




Members and Non-members can post Standard related ads to appear within the Classifieds section using the form below. 

These will appear in the next available monthly Club magazine or online update as appropriate and selected by the advertiser.
Non-members will not be able to see the ads but can benefit from selling to the audience most likely to be interested. 

Post a Classified Advert - tell us about your Sales & Wants

Please send in your advertisement by filling in the form below.
This form does not download, please put your cursor over each field, type to fill in each field, then do the Captcha security panel.

Due to space limitations, we are unable to offer the option of adding images to a listing.
We advise any prospective buyers to request pictures directly from the seller, if desired.  

You can choose to advertise in only the magazine, only online - or both. 
If your item is sold please use the form to tell us, so we remove it from repeats.

Terms and Conditions:
The advert will be repeated for 3 months (magazine) or online for 90 days as selected.

The Club accepts items in good faith but it and its officials are not in any way responsible for the items advertised.
We do not accept adverts for the sale of numberplates and numberplates will be obliterated from photos of cars for sale.

Only press SUBMIT once and wait for the success message.

You will also receive a confirmation email to the address provided.

Thank you.

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