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Fellow Owners

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One of the strengths of the Club is the depth of knowledge within it.


If you have a task in hand, someone has probably already successfully tackled it.


The club is fortunate to have a number of long standing members who have considerable experience in the repair and restoration of Standard Cars. These individuals can be consulted to offer free advice to any member who requests it.


Such advice might for instance relate to how to rebuild certain items or where to source elusive spare parts that maybe are not available elsewhere


We will try to help. but please be sympathetic, unfortunately we don't know everything!

If we don’t know the answer, we might pass you on to another expert or specialist.


This service is only available to members. To access the service please log in to the Members Area There you will find  a link to “Fellow Members” that contains all their contact details.


Contact details for Fellow owners for all models are also published regularly in the club's magazine, "The Standard Car Review".


We always welcome volunteers to join this band of consultants.

If you would like to volunteer your knowledge, please contact  the vice-chairman at


Insuring your Standard

After many years of experience, the Standard Motor Club makes the following recommendations regarding your insurance policy. These are some things you should consider:

Always insure your car for an "agreed value". This may require a valuation form to be completed, either by self-certification of value or by an expert valuer and endorsed at the outset. It is most important that you complete this process. In that way, in the unfortunate circumstances that you have to claim for a total loss, there should be no disagreement about the value of your vehicle. Bear in mind that the more value you put on a car, the higher will be your agreed value premium. However, if you undervalue your car you may not have enough money to restore it.


If however your self-certificated valuation is unrealistic, then even for an agreed value you could find it being disputed by the insurer.

Always get a selection of quotes from a number of brokers. This is a very competitive market and you should take advantage of it. Always ensure that the terms of the policy include the items that are most important to you.


You should always ensure that on any insurance proposal full disclosure is made of every material fact, including any vehicle modifications from original specification, however trivial, and the circumstances of you as insured and any named driver, to include any previous licence endorsements and disqualifications, previous convictions and health issues. Failure to disclose could result in an insurer failing to honour the policy.

Your insurance should include breakdown and recovery, sometimes available at no additional cost, but note that the number of recoveries per annum can be limited.


If your car does not do a high mileage, choose a policy that offers a discount for a limited mileage.

If you don’t drive abroad, you might be able to reduce your premium by deleting European Cover and deleting European Recovery.


Some policies will offer discounts if the insured car is a second or third vehicle, or multiple classics are insured on the same policy, or if modern and classic vehicles are mixed on the same policy.


There is usually a no claims discount on the modern car on a mixed policy which can be lost or reduced through a claim, though most exclusively classic policies do not feature this.


Some combined policies include cover for driving other cars than those on the policy but note that this is usually minimum third party only cover.


Choose a policy that allows you the option to purchase your salvage back if your vehicle is written off. You may still wish to rebuild the vehicle, but some policies do not allow this.


The Club magazine usually carries advertisements from reputable companies that you may choose to provide you with a quotation.



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