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Club Spares Scheme

All our spares officers are volunteers, so the spares scheme is NOT run as a commercial business. Therefore, please only call in the evenings and at sensible times. Overseas members, please note the time difference.


This is one of the Club's most important activities and we are rare amongst Classic Car Clubs to offer a Spares Service.

When resources allow, and there is a demand, we also remanufacture some parts. Therefore, to avail yourself of the Spares Service, you must be a current member and you will be asked for your membership number. This avoids non-members taking advantage of members generosity. Please don't waste our club officers valuable time if you are not a member!

You can join simply by clicking on this link, which also appears at the top of the Home page


You should note that due to the age of our cars, spares are becoming increasingly rare, so please try to plan your restoration or repairs to ensure you have parts in good time. It may often be necessary for you to use New Old Stock and second-hand parts in non-critical applications.

The club spares and fulfilment officers offer a supply service only. If you are unsure how to fit any of the parts you purchase, from the club or elsewhere, please seek advice from a fellow owner (link) or a professional mechanic local to you.

Finally, we always need more spares! If you know of sources of Standard Spares, please let the Spares Officers know, and we will negotiate their purchase at realistic prices.

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