"Deep Stores" location WANTED!

Can you help us locate a new "Deep Stores" facility? 

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The Club’s “Deep Store”

For very many years, a very kind member has kept a “Deep Store” of parts for Standards of all ages. This is a warehouse stocked with slow moving parts that the Club has acquired during its life, that are much too valuable to send to the scrapman.

Unfortunately, the member is about to move house and to give up his premises that the Club uses. We are therefore looking for alternative premises.


The specification of this store is that it needs to be about the size of a good double garage, or bigger, and it needs to be secure. It can be anywhere in the country, preferably somewhere in an area where rents are low or at least reasonable. That probably rules out anywhere in the South East of England.


We also need a “caretaker” for the non-onerous job of looking after security of the site, and being a key-holder. The stock will be moved to the store by volunteers, with the rent paid for and insured by the Club. If you know of vacant premises or know how to find some in your area, please let us know.

The Club helps its members by providing an extensive Spares service, so could you help us find this vital facility? 

If you would like more information, please contact Lynda, the secretary on 01727 868405 or secretary.standardmotorclub@gmail.com

Please help the Club support its members with continued access to a wide range of parts to suit your Standard.



An empty Warehouse like this might be just too much to hope for, but what can you help your club with, please?