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A Standard 10 for the 21st Century

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The current edition of “Classics”, the monthly magazine for our hobby features a 5-page full colour article on the modernisation of a Standard 10.

Sean Bradley’s car is highlighted because Sean has carefully examined his car, point by point, discovered the most effective route to modernise each item, and then implemented the most advantageous.

For instance the power from the modified engine, complete with twin carburettors and a 1296cc block is now nearly 3 times the original.

Modifications have also been made to the gearbox, suspension and steering, exhaust and interior seating to bring them up to modern standards by using parts from the Standard-Triumph Parts bin wherever possible.

All in all, it’s a thoroughly up to date enhancement. And all this has been done without modifying the looks of the car with ugly body extensions. A real “wolf in sheep’s clothing”.

The article appears in the Spring edition of “Classics”, published on March 16th, available from good Newsagents or by subscription from


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