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1930 Teignmouth Fabric Saloon

By Steve O'Hara

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We never had a car when I grew up in Birmingham - my Dad had a succession of old bikes. So, it was buses or nothing. I rode the bus every day to school and the sound of a bus engine and gearbox became a sort of music to me.

I bought an old Rover 10 when I was 17 and owned quite a number of cars over the years before buying a Standard Ten in 1992, my first classic car.

I joined the club and soon discovered what a wide range of vehicles bore the name ‘Standard’.

I wanted an older car and in 1999 bought a 1935 Nine from Phil and Lynda Homer. That was a lovely old car, but I had a hankering for a Standard with a rigidly-mounted engine and crash gearbox, just like my favourite buses.

In 2003 at a car show at Gaydon a 1930 Teignmouth turned up, having been driven from furthest Essex.

12dhc (1).jpg

I wanted to photograph it for the Standard Car Review and asked the owner to drive it across the site. He offered me a ride and I was hooked. Fast forward four years and the Review had an advert for a vintage Nine. It was the same one!

I motored across to see it down in Essex. The owner drove it around the local lanes and I had a drive. His wife was in the back seat. Listening to those straight cut gears and rigidly-mounted engine she remarked apologetically ‘It sounds like an old bus!’.
I agreed a deal and went to collect it the next week!

I became editor of the Standard Car Review a few months later and of course, my new Teignmouth had to be on the front cover of my first edition in October 2007, using the photo seen above.

12dhc (1).jpg
12dhc (1).jpg

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