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Standard Vanguard Luxury Six

By Darrell Cunningham

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In 1960, the Vanguard Vignale, designed by Giovanni Michelloti, for the Italian Coachbuilders Vignale, was developed into the Vanguard Luxury Six.

This new Vanguard was fitted with an all new six-cylinder engine, designed by David Eley. Remarkably, the engine was only an inch or so longer than the 4-cylinder since it had to fit the same bodyshell. The twin semi – downdraft carburettors were developed specifically so that they would fit under the bonnet height.

The new 1998cc unit developed a smooth 80bhp in this form, a marked improvement to the preceding 2088cc 4-cylinder engine.

The Luxury Six sold in healthy numbers during its short production life. The Car was replaced with the Triumph 2000 in 1963 using a developed version of the same engine, The engine would see service for many years in the Triumph Saloons and TR Sports Cars.

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759 NOU is a superb 1961 example, built on 2oth January. It is rare in having a Borg Warner 35 automatic Gearbox fitted as an option in the factory. It is believed to be the only automatic car surviving in Showroom condition.

The current Guardian, Darrell Cunningham, has a fully documented history on this car including its once titled owner, Sir Charles Fergusson, 9th Baronet of Kilkerran.

In 2021 'Vincent' as he is known, will be again raising funds for The Heart Foundation at Southampton Hospital where Darrell received urgent medical care during 2017 & 2018 probably saving his life.

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