1934 - 35 Parts lists

You can click on the underlined blue headings to open a copy of each parts list. The illustrations are shown separately. You can click on them to open bigger copies in a separate window. This allows you to view the illustrations and lists side by side. You can download them or print them off to use in the garage.

The 1934 and 1935 models are covered in one parts list:

The 1934models were designated 9, 10, etc.

The 1935 "Revised" models R9, R10, etc. the N9 is the four-door nine

see the commission numbers for details.

NOTE: Standard made a great many incremental changes over this period and it is important that you know the commission number of your vehicle in order to establish which parts are fitted. Many mechanical components are not interchangeable.

As a rule of thumb, the engine numbers are in the same range as the commission numbers but do not match. If the engine in your vehicle has been replaced be aware that you may need to use its number rather than the commission number when establishing which parts are used.

The Lucas parts lists are individual and shown at the bottom of the page

1934-35 Standard parts list

Parts list supplement for the Avon, 10hp "Coupe", 10/12 "Speed" model and "Atlas" vans

You will have to rotate these parts lists 90 degrees clockwise to view them


1934 Lucas parts lists

1934 Nine and Ten "saloon"

NOTE : Lucas referred to this as the 8hp, this is a mistake!

1934 Ten "de-luxe and special" or alternatively this earlier version

1934 Twelve 4 and 6 cylinder

1934 Sixteen MkIV: Lucas parts list not currently available

1934 Twenty: Lucas parts list not currently available


1935 Lucas parts lists

Note : Lucas stopped including illustrations in their parts list from1935 onwards

1935 Nine: Lucas parts list not currently available

1935 Ten and Twelve

1935 Sixteen: Lucas parts list not currently available

1935 Twenty: Lucas parts list not currently available

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