1947 Standard 14 in Argentina

It was beautiful to receive a recent email from a Standard owner over in Bueno Aires.

Sorry, My English is not perfect.

I have a lot of Classic Cars in my life....Jaguars, AC Cobra, Alfa Romeo, Lotus etc ....

but this Flying Standard is very special for me....I don't know why.

My mechanic worked two years on it.....with good results to get fully restored.

We must work on it more. I love this little and powerful car.

Thanks for writing to me.

Pleasure contact with you.

Martin Dellatore


Ed: Great to hear from you Martin, and we love the video of you driving your Standard which we have put below your provided images - a lovely-looking car.

It was not always like this! A remarkable and painstaking restoration begins...

Click PLAY above to see the video.

Congratulations to Martin for adding this Standard to his collection and for saving the car. One of only two Standards we believe to be roadworthy in Argentina.


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