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An accident outside Buckingham Palace

By Phil Homer

Standard Motor Club Historian

I have recently rediscovered this newspaper clip that appeared in an edition of the Daily Telegraph.

The Policeman has taken an interest because the Road Traffic Accident appears to have happened outside Buckingham Palace.

However, this is the first time that I have looked at the car more closely.

It’s a prewar Standard - and it is a 4-door saloon. At first, I thought it had the narrow radiator grille of the Flying 8. So, I concluded that it is a very rare 4-door Standard Flying 8.

However, I then realised that the wipers are above the screen whereas on the 8 they were positioned below the screen. Therefore it is a Flying 10, all of which were 4-door cars.

The front bumper and radiator grille seem to have come off worse after their altercation with a traffic bollard.



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The feature will be preserved here forever.

Phil Homer


Standard Motor Club

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