Be part of the Concours competition at the Standard International Rally

One of the features of our Annual Rally is a Concours competition to find what the owners consider to be the nicest Standard Cars.

The Cars are divided into several classes according to their model and age. The process is democratic in that the participants select the winning cars themselves, in a secret ballot.

All the participants in a particular class are asked to inspect all the other cars in their class, except their own, and pick their favourites. The judges then add up the votes and prizes are awarded to the top marked cars.

There is no compulsion to take part but many members find this light-hearted exercise a pleasure to participate in, and there can be much discussion about the relative merits of the displayed cars.

Some of the trophies that are awarded are pictured here.

Come and see the cars on June 26th at Cranfield Management Development Centre.

Entry is just £10.

Advance booking is available here Standard Motor Club International Rally

Accommodation is available off the above link - or just turn up on the Friday, Saturday

or Sunday.

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