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Classic pair of Standards on the road in Denmark

Kjeld Nielsen from Hornbaek in Denmark has written with photos and to tell me about his two Standards.

With a combined age of 192 years the two cars are in regular use.

The first is a 1919 Standard Model SLS 2 seater in yellow. Kjeld regularly campaigns this 104 year Standard, not just in Denmark, but every year in Norway and Sweden too! He says that it is unfortunate, but there is no longer a direct Ferry link from Denmark to England or he would be tempted to join us at the International Rally.

In the days when there was a ferry, he came to the International Rally at Denny Abbey in his other Standard, which is a 1935 2-door blue Standard 9, and the subject of the other photos.

This appears to be his everyday car!

Well let’s face it, this one is a mere 88 years old!

Congratulations Kjeld on two remarkable cars, these are truly a credit to you and to the longevity of the marque. Long may you continue to use your Standards in the manner to which they were designed and intended.

Do you campaign a Vintage Standard?

Send photos and tell us all about it

Phil Homer

March 2023



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