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Coachbuilt SSII back on the road in Jersey

This 1934 SSII is based on the chassis frame, engine and running gear built and supplied by the Standard Motor Company. The chassis were shipped across Town (Coventry) to SS, who added the Coachbuilt bodywork

David Acon owns ATT 39 on Jersey and writes about it here:

Thanks to everyone in the Standard Motor Club who has helped with sourcing parts and providing advice on the 1934 10. I'm very happy to say that the engine is the original as confirmed by JDHT heritage. After some 35 years off the road in collections and museums, following some six months recommissioning, my 1934 SS II Sports Saloon powered by a Standard 10hp engine finally gets to see the sun in the Jersey Jaguar Rallye des Manoirs.

Enclosed are a few pics of the car now that it has finished the initial stages of the recommissioning.

I survived the weekend and it was good on hills, just need to settle the new brakes in.

After some investigation, the brakes are different to the 10 being slightly wider. I will have to take up the brakes following running in before I can comment fully. However, they seem OK so far after CAF skimmed the drums and Davenports set up the cables which appeared new. Originally it was fitted with a RAG carburettor but these were both unreliable and dangerous. When restored in 1977, the RAG was replaced with the side draft Solex with the pan air filter. I would like to find an original twin carb SU manifold and fit SU's.

More to come in future.


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Phil Homer


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