Drive It Day - Yorkshire Sunday 25th April 2021

by Chris & Frank Baker

Hebdon Bridge Railway Station

Our 1934 Standard Ten Deluxe hasn’t seen much daylight in the last 12 months but we were determined to get on the road again and show it around our home town of Halifax and work up to a whole day out on Sunday 25th April Drive-it-Day.

Friday 23rd, we travelled 8 miles to Hebden Bridge (lunch out).

Saturday 24th a 6 mile trip to Bob’s Tea Gardens.

Finally, a bold adventure on Drive-it-Day - 38 miles to see our granddaughter in Sheffield.

All went well apart from a hiccup on the return 38-mile leg.

A fuel blockage between the tank and pump. Once identified it was soon sorted (a good hard blow down the pipe!) and we were on our way again. We arrived safely back in Halifax.

The best part of the trip? The waves and smiles along the way. The worst part? Not the minor breakdown, but the awful state of the roads.

So many unavoidable pot holes!

Our next job? Probably remove the fuel tank!

Chris & Frank Baker

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