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Introducing The Standard "Woody" Virtual Museum

Post the Second World War, UK car manufacturers were encouraged to go for growth, particularly in export markets. This government-led prerogative was not easy as there was at the same time, a distinct shortage of steel.

So, manufacturers, including Standard, looked around for alternative materials for body building. Amongst these, most prominently were Aluminium and Wood.

Standard built Woody Estate car versions of both the Standard 8 and 12/14 models and I have included factory photographs of the resultant cars. At least one of the 8’s survives and I have included good photos of this, in a Club member’s ownership.

The Factory Standard 12/14 Estate was a particularly good-looking vehicle but I am not aware of a survivor in this country. Some years ago, a Club Member, Mike Garnish used a particularly fine example to tow his Wartime Fire pump, but I believe this combination was exported on his passing. I don’t know where it is now.

In addition, of course, a number of outside manufacturers produced their own Woodies on these chassis. I have captured two of these in this feature.

The craze did not die away in the 1950’s and at least a couple of coachbuilders had a go at producing Woody versions of Standards.

If you have any updates on any of these cars or know of any other Woodys, please get in touch at

1947 Standard 8 Woody owned by David Groom

Factory photos of the 4-8A Woody Estate

Another view of the 8 Woody Estate in a period setting

The 12-14 Woody Factory photo

The 12-14 in the flesh. Does this car still survive?

12-14 by an unknown builder

A Military Woody Estate

A Woody Estate on a Mid-50s Standard 10

Finally, this Australian version not only has wooden framing to the bodywork, but a wooden roof rack, too!


Don’t be shy – why not tell us the story behind YOUR Standard and include some Photos? Please fill in this form HERE.

The feature will be preserved here forever.

Phil Homer


Standard Motor Club



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