My Vanguard in Australia - running well and due for restoration

by Don Eisenhuth.

The car originally came from Naracoorte in South Australia. It now lives in Lyndhurst, a small town west of Bathurst Central West NSW.

As you can see, it still has its original registration number and is a pretty well complete car.

I purchased it from a local chap for 3000 AUD (~£1700) and that included several boxes of spare and new stock parts. Years ago, I had a Phase 1 and remembered the fun that car and its eccentricities gave me, so I thought 'in for a penny, in for a pound'.

Everything still runs as it should and starts on the first swing of the starting handle due to the battery capacity being rather depleted.

The body is 99% rust free and the upholstery is repairable.

I’m thinking this car will give me as much entertainment and enjoyment as the earlier model.

Ed: Thanks for the story and pictures, Don. Be wonderful to hear from you again once more work has been completed on the car.


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