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Rebuild of a 1934 Standard 10 - with V8 power

Michael Madden writes on the rebuild of a 1934 Standard 10

This 1934 ten has had a very interesting rebuild.

I bought it in Ireland and brought it back to the UK where it was first registered.  We found that the engine was seized and spent a few weeks applying lubricants down the spark plug holes and moving the engine forward and backward.

Eventually we got the engine to turn over fully, added some petrol and a battery, got it started but it had no oil pressure and was knocking badly so we stripped the engine and found it had picked up on big end bearings so it would have to be reshelled and line bored.

I tried a few engineering firms to do this work but nobody had the ability or tools for it.

So, as we had a V8 edelbrock engine and automatic C4 gearbox, the decision was made to put it in. After a lot of cutting, fabricating and welding it’s in. One major problem was that the steering box was in the way, so we fitted rack and pinion operated by an electronic power steering pump.

Then we had to uprate the braking system which is now disc brakes all round and an underfloor brake servo. With a 5-litre V8 we then had to strengthen the Chassis with box iron outriggers and extra crossmembers.

We also removed old shock absorbers and fabricated hanger brackets to fit coil over shock absorbers The roof was our next problem the lead strips were bent and looked a mess as was the timber frame.

The next decision was to fit a full roof from a newer car which fitted very nicely and nearly the same shape 😂😂 and with a lot of help from my beautiful wife, we fitted headlining and door trims and carpets. There is still a lot of small jobs to be done but it is driving and useable. My son Tom did all the welding, spraying and wiring. It was a long rebuild but very enjoyable.

We hope to be at the Annual Rally and show what we have done.

Historian’s Notes:

Yes Michael, we will all be delighted to see (and hear) the results of all your efforts.

So, thank you for your entry form for the International Rally. It will be a great attraction.

I am astonished that you have been able to keep the car looking so original after such extensive modifications. You must now have the fastest Standard in the World!


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Phil Homer


Standard Motor Club



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