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Standard 8/10 2-door prototype

by Club Historian, Phil Homer.

In the late 1950s, the Indian Government organised a competition amongst its indigenous manufacturers to come up with a basic 2-door car.

The Standard had been designed from the outset as a 4-door car only and the Coventry factory never built a two-door example.

The Indian "baby Standard" that was developed was a bit of a mixture. Clearly, it was built down to a price, as there was no front radiator trim and only one windscreen wiper. However, 4 chromed hubcaps were specified and the wheelbase of the car seems to be identical to the 4 door saloon. No rear doors, two fixed side windows and a much shortened tail were specified. It isn't clear if there was an opening boot lid or not. Judging by the door fit, the prototype must have been hastily put together.

So far as is known, only this one prototype was made, so I suspect the Standard did not win the Competition. Judging by the result, I think that we can be thankful for that.


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