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Standard 8 and 10 Fuel Gauge Upgrade Kit

These gauges were of the moving magnet design. These have a number of issues, they are sensitive to Battery condition, charging output, bumps and movement such as acceleration, braking and cornering. They are also fragile and easily damaged particularly when removed from the car.

The Club is however now able to offer a solution to this problem using a new gauge, it’s a pointer attached to a Bi-Metallic Strip surrounded and heated by a wire coil fed from a stabilised voltage supply with the current controlled by the Tank Sender Unit. These gauges pointers are slower moving than the earlier type but are much more stable and unaffected by the car’s movements, nor by battery condition.

The Club is offering a complete kit to replace your defective gauge with a new Bi-Metallic gauge with all the parts needed for it to function, fitting and wiring instructions. The kit comprises the following parts, (as illustrated):

• Replica Smiths Fuel Gauge, Black Face, White Pointer and Graduations. Direct fit into Standard 8/10 Speedometers without alteration.

• Positive Earth Voltage Stabiliser unit.

• Replacement Fuel Tank Sender unit matched to Bi-Metallic gauges.

• 5 x 6mm Crimp On Lucar connectors.

All for £96.00 including UK Delivery and VAT.

For a quotation for delivery abroad, please contact


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Phil Homer


Standard Motor Club



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