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Standard Cars at Hollingdrakes, Stockport

Illustration: Courtesy of Len Barr of the Standard Register.

This is the large Stockport Standard dealers, Hollingdrakes. There are some top of the range cars present. Each has a chauffeur standing alongside. I now believe that this is a touring Sales Promotion team as all the cars have Coventry registrations so can not have been registered by Hollingdrakes or their customers.

First let’s look at the Dealer’s premises themselves. You will note that the “Standard” logo is given equal prominence to some upstart firm called “Rolls Royce”, whose logo is in the next window. That is in recognition of the esteem in which Standard Cars were held in the day.

I think I have been able to recognise the cars from the retail prices on them, and by cross reference to the 1930 Dealers specification and price list, which is published in the Digital Archives section of the Member’s area of this Website.

Starting on the left...

The first car is a 9Hp Coleshill 2 Seater Tourer. This is smaller, has a split screen and has smaller, lower headlights than the remaining cars.

The next 2 cars are both 16Hp Exmouths distinguished by their lack of bumpers, but they do have side mounted spares.

Close examination of the next car leads me to believe this is a fabric bodied 4-light car with no wing mounted spare, The drivers door window is wider than expected because it is 2 door Coupé and is also a split sliding window. The car is therefore a 6 cylinder “Tourist Coupé”. This car should be wearing the spare wheel cover of the next car because the Tourist was catalogued at £365

The dealers have made further mistakes with the last two cars as the dealer fitted spare wheel covers are wrong!

The first of these has a bumper, it is therefore a 20Hp Envoy. The spare wheel cover appears to say £355, but there is no catalogued car at £355. Therefore I believe it says £365 This car should be wearing the £360 Spare wheel cover of the last car.

The last car which is labelled in the screen as a Standard Envoy, is no such thing - as it has no front bumper. it should therefore be wearing the £360 label of the Envoy next door. It is therefore an Exmouth 16Hp saloon and should bear a spare wheel cover saying £325.

I am of course open to suggestions if anyone thinks I have the identifications wrong! I would like to get it correct. Please email:

Historical Note:

Hollingdrakes were a large and prominent Standard dealer in Town Square, Stockport.

After the 2nd World War, when Standard Dealers were encouraged to show a Vintage Standard in their showroom, Hollingdrakes chose to use a 1910 Standard Model G six-cylinder. Landaulette, which was displayed for a number of years. This 114 year old car is currently owned and still actively campaigned by a Standard Motor Club Member.

I have a full article in preparation for this car, which will be published shortly.

The Hollingdrakes Stockport premises were later used by Lamborghini Manchester and later still by H.R. Owen. The showroom (illustrated) was demolished in 2015.


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The feature will be preserved here forever.

Phil Homer


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