Standard Companion - follow this 2022 restoration project

Take a look at this Project Car.

It's in a pretty sorry state today. It belongs to Shaun Russell, a serial Standard restorer.

This car will be exhibited on the Standard Motor Club's stand at the Classic Restoration Show in March. Then Shaun will get to work! He's a man with a mission.

The Companion Project today.

Shaun intends to have it fully restored in a little over 7 months, and he has booked another space at the next NEC show in November to display the result.

It should look a lot like the one below.

A restored Standard Companion is what Shaun is aiming for.

Shaun has done it before -- here is his last Standard 10 project, a restored Pickup.

Shaun's exceptional restoration of a Standard 6cwt pickup.

You can see Shaun's project at the NEC Show in November.

Log into the Club Members area from the link below to find the code for discounted tickets.

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